Avrahom Rosenberg: Candidate for New York State Senate 27th District

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rosenbergWe all face hard times; we all struggle to make ends meet.  It’s about time we had the relief we need. This is why Avrahom Rosenberg says he should be your next State Senator.

“I have seen how families of all dominations and affiliations have struggled trying to but their kids through private schools,” Avraham told Matzav.com in an interview this week. “The Government spends over $16,000 on a kid for public schooling. Shouldn’t we get school vouchers for at least half of that, compared to the zero we get now? The answer is yes. This is why I am running for State Senate for the 27th District.

“We all have those monthly bills to pay; we all use our cities and states roads,” says Avrahom. “However, when we get home and get our paycheck, we see a big chunk taken out for taxes, which leaves us with no money to spend or save. This doesn’t only hurt us, but hurts our kids, because we cannot afford their college tuition, regular school tuition, and our mortgage/rent. I will fight for tax cuts, lower property tax and lower the sales tax which was recently reinstated.  We should not be raising taxes in tough economic times. We should be lowering it.”

Avrahom says he will fight for the programs that serve elders and strengthen their Medicaid/Medicare coverage.

Avrahom, who is the youngest nominated candidate for State Senate, is currently attending Touro College and is majoring in Political Science. He is a resident of Midwood, Brooklyn.

“I care for my community and want to put the voices of our community back into government,” he told Matzav.com. “That’s why I hope you share the same passion for the community and vote for me  on November 2nd for New York State Senate 27th District.”

Rosenberg’s District is comprised of Boro Park, Kensington, Midwood, Flatbush, Gravesend, Madison, Marine Park, Mill Basin, Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach and Brighton Beach.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. and how does he plan to pay for all this? It reminds me of school elections: “I promise no homework on weekends.” Sounds great- also impossible.

  2. I heard he is Registered Republican yet running on the Conservative line, He is running against Carl Kruger, He is the only opponent. Regard how to pay for the Vouchers, the money is there, it is just being wasted, on other programs.

  3. Lemaasa, Carl Kruger – a Democrat – did vote against the Toeiva Bill that Shelly Silver tried to ram down our throught.

  4. Wow, its real, Avi currently is in two of my classes at touro. This is incredible. Ill vote lets have a 19 year old in the Senate! Avi! we are all proud of you!


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