AWFUL: Frum Child Mauled By Dog Today at 68 N. Cole Ave. in Spring Valley, NY (Video)

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  1. Awful is an understatement.
    Please continue to update us as to the health of that poor child.
    As for the dog, it seems like its owner just came and took it home!!! That’s more horrific. It should be put to sleep and the owner sued, atleast that! I think charges might be in order.

  2. I hope this family can sue the dog owner for every last penny. What a horrific story. This little girl certainly wasn’t provoking this particular dog. Based on the video, the dog came out of nowhere and charged the poor little kid. Where was the owner? Why wasn’t the dog on a leash? What is the law in Rockland county?


      The boy was on the sidewalk in front of his own house playing with his brothers and/or friends — minding his own business!! Then this huge dog (obviously from somewhere else) shoots over and knocks him down and drags him over and mauls him right in his own driveway!!!!!!!!!

      Yes, this dog INVADED someone else’s property and GRAVELY INJURED someone there!!

  3. There are clear pictures of the owner of the dog taking hold of it. The police should immediately arrest the owner and the parents should initiate charges against the owner. The dog should be killed as any dog that attacks a child for no reason should be killed.


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