Ayelet Shaked: We Won’t Allow A Palestinian State


We shall not allow the creation of a Palestinian state, hard-right Israeli parliamentarian Ayelet Shaked has on Saturday, as the Middle East peace plan drafted by the administration of US President Donald Trump is about to be unveiled.

“We do not know all the details, but I can say that we will not allow land to be ceded to Arabs or anyone. Our land is ours. In addition, we will not allow the recognition of a Palestinian state. We believe that a Palestinian state is a dangerous thing for the state of Israel and we will certainly not allow that to happen,” Shaked said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 12.

US President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he will unveil his plan to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz visit Washington next week.

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  1. There already is a Palestinian state. It’s in Jordan. I can’t understand how the world is silent as the Jordanians kill, harass and abuse the Palestinian people.


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