Baba Baruch Hospitalized


baba-baruchRav Baruch Abuchatzeirah, son of the Baba Sali who leads the kehillah in Netivot, was hospitalized yesterday after feeling unwell. Last night, Rav Baruch was rushed to Soroka University Medical Center in Beer Sheva.

Family members now say that Rav Baruch is feeling a bit better, but will remain in the hospital for now.

Rav Baruch, known as “Baba Baruch,” inherited the kehillah of his illustrious father after his passing. As a young man, Baba Baruch dealt in business and served as deputy head of the city of Ashkelon. After the death of his father, he accepted the mantle of leadership of his father.

Well known are Rav Dovid, Rav Elazar and Rav Yekutiel Abuchatzeirah, sons of the Baba Sali’s son Baba Meir, who have also carried on the legacy of their grandfather, the Baba Sali, as thousands flock to them for their chizuk and guidance.

{Yair Israel}



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