Baby Affected by Zika Born in New Jersey

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A woman who gave birth in New Jersey reportedly contracted Zika in Honduras, and her baby appears to be “affected” by the mosquito-borne virus.

Doctors at Hackensack University Medical Center say an ultrasound on the 31-year-old mother showed evidence of the birth defect microcephaly.

After the birth, officials say the baby does appear to have developed the defect, which occurs when a fetus’s brain does not grow properly. Though the baby looks “completely Zika-affected,” final tests are still being performed to confirm those results. Read more.



  1. This tragedy is the fault of greedy Republicans who prefer giving tax cuts to the wealthy over preventing illness.

  2. This tragedy is the fault of the mosquito that bit the woman that travelled to Honduras.
    May HIBH look after her and her baby and may he send Refuos wherever they are needed.

  3. no, the tragedy is the fault of the irresponsible mother who went to a country where Zika is rampant. Enough of the stupid liberalism!

    • So you want to shut down the border/airports out of fear? Sounds like the cowardly and unrealistic thing todo.

    • The lady is from Honduras. The reason this baby was born in NJ is that, after an ultrasound showed microcephaly and labs showed Zika virus infection, she decided to seek state-of-the-art medical attention in USA.

  4. This happened in the time of yehoshua so we davened and stayed bsimcha and checked are mezuzios and we must answer omain to brochos.

  5. if it was for business, she may have felt she did not have a choice- why blame- it is done- now we daven for the baby- right?

  6. Zika has effected less than 500 people in the US and Obama has pledged a billion dollars for research while Lyne Disease has effected hundreds of thousands across the country and no money for research. His pet monkey must have gotten a mosquito bite


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