Michelle Bachmann Tells Yated: “Romney’s Election Is Our Last Chance”

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romneyIn an exclusive interview with Yated Ne’eman conducted 10 days before the presidential election, Republican Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, who was an early frontrunner in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, said that she is supporting Mitt Romney for president because of his support for Israel and his promise to repeal Obamacare upon becoming president.

The Minnesota congresswoman’s strong support for Israel goes back to her student days, when she spent a year as a volunteer on a kibbutz. In the interview, she expressed her deep appreciation for the support she has received from the Jewish community in recognition of her love for Israel and her efforts in Congress to bolster its security and strengthen its ties with the US.

She blames President Obama’s “foolish and reprehensible” policies for allowing Iran four more years “to develop a nuclear bomb and the missile weapons systems to use against Israel.”

Congresswoman Bachmann says that the US and European sanctions now crippling Iran’s economy are “too little, to late.” to halt its drive for nuclear weapons. As a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, she has also been discouraged by a series of “US intelligence leaks which have been detrimental to Israel and encouraging to Islamists who seek to bring down Israel.” She said that Obama has sent “all the wrong signals” including his administration’s support for Mohamed Morsi, the president of Egypt, who was photographed last week saying “amen” to the prayer of a Muslim Brotherhood cleric for “Allah to destroy the Jews and their supporters.” She said that the “evil intent” of radical Islamists like Morsi is “the genocide of the Jews and making Jerusalem a capital of Islam.”

Bachmann also talked about the other high stakes which depend on the outcome of this election, beyond Israel’s security. She said her main domestic reason for supporting Romney is that this election is the last chance to repeal Obamacare before its goes into effect. She emphasized that it is also vital for Republicans to gain a majority in the Senate, since the only way to stop Obamacare, which is now the law of the land, is to have Congress pass new legislation cancelling it.

Speaking of Mitt Romney, whom she ran against for the GOP nomination, Bachmann called him “a strong family man who is sincere about his faith and whose commitment to Israel is clear, as is his commitment to turning around the US economy.” She added that Romney is now fully committed to the appeal of Obamacare, a position which she says was her “main contribution to this presidential campaign.”

Bachmann then highlighted the specific dangers of Obamacare to the US economy and the damage that it will do to the US health care system. Obamacare will impose 22 new taxes, but will still add $1.8 trillion in unpaid costs to the US taxpayers. It will place new restrictions on the states and penalize hospitals for readmitting patients within 30 days of their discharge. Consumers will be forced to pay more and get less for their health care, and Bachmann emphasized that this election is the last chance voters will have to get rid of it.


Bachmann warned that an Obama second term could pose a threat to America’s religious freedoms. She noted that Obama has already called on the Catholic Church to change its doctrine. She criticized the Secretary of State for supporting Resolution 1618 of the UN’s Human Rights Commission, sponsored by the Organization of Islamic Countries, which would criminalize anyone who criticizes Islam, in compliance with Shariah law and in violation of the guarantee of freedom of speech in the US Constitution. Bachmann said, “this is the goal of jihad in the US, whose footprint is growing. This is one of the lessons to be learned from the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi. When a madman speaks, listen to him. These madmen are looking for the destruction of Israel and the West.”


That is why Bachmann believes that a Republican victory is essential in this election. She said that she and many people she knows were “fasting and praying for G-d’s grace to save our nation” as it faces critical choices, and expressed her faith that those prayers would be answered.

She added that even though Mitt Romney has built a small lead over Obama in the latest national polls, and pulled to about even with Obama in many of the battleground states; she is not taking anything for granted. “I am the eternal pessimist when it comes to elections. I believe that you have to work harder than you ever thought possible up to the last minute, and then be pleasantly surprised if you win. The rule is to always work as if you are behind even if the polls show you are ahead.”

Nevertheless, Bachmann seems guardedly hopeful about Romney’s prospects for victory, for which she prays, along with her “prayers for the safety of Jerusalem.”

Story credit: Yated Ne’eman

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  1. WE MUST GO OUT TO VOTE even in NEW YORK and NEW JERSEY where Obama thinks he’s got us in his back pocket. EVERY REPUBLICAN VOTE will be counted and we will come out on top. And all those swing states like OHIO, FLORIDA, WISCONSIN, COLORADO, VIRGINIA, IOWA will go go REPUBLICAN to put PRESIDENT ROMNEY into the White House with a LANDSLIDE.

  2. Cleavland Jews please make sure to get out and vote for Mitt Romney tomorrow.
    Rasmussen poll shows Ohio tied at 50-50
    Your vote can clinch it for Romney.

  3. Rabbonim have encouraged and even told us to vote for the candidates that have the positions that we hold of. I would like to add that it was probably taken for granted that we should be mispallel also.


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