BACK TO THE HOLY LAND: Non-Israeli Yungeleit and Bochurim Allowed to Return to Israel


Bochurim and yungeleit from chutz laaretz will be allowed to return to their yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel as long as their yeshiva can confirm that they have a place to quarantine, as per an arrangement orchestrated by Interior Minister Aryeh Deri.

Each respective rosh yeshiva or rosh hamosad must submit the request for each non-Israeli talmid to the Interior Ministry, which will then review it and grant permission, requiring for each bochur to find private quarters, without roommates, as well as for the institutions to provide full meals for their students.

This development comes after Israel allowed Israelis to return to Israel and enter quarantine, but had not been permitting non-Israeli citizens to enter the country.

{ Israel}


  1. They’ve always been allowed to return. The only thing that changed is that the government has made the process of getting Ishurim more difficult. In fact, I haven’t found 1 yeshiva yet that knows how to “apply on your behalf”. So in essence, they have now made it NOT possible to return.

  2. Hate to cool your enthusiasm, folks. Read the fine print. Every bochur has to prove that he has a private room a n d bathroom where he can quarantine for fourteen days. Even if he spent the last fourteen days quarantined at home. Can you see anyone doing that? Self quarantining for fourteen days? In a tiny room? By the time anyone gets here, it’ll be the middle of סיון, + two weeks, we’re talking about תמוז-אב, all that trouble for seven weeks tops?


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