Backlash Builds Against Bloomberg Over Decision Not to Cancel NYC Marathon As City Lies in Ruins

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bloomberg1Amid intensifying criticism, New York Road Runners continued today to prepare for the New York City Marathon with an abbreviated schedule of events leading to the race.

With the death count from Hurricane Sandy growing, hundreds of thousands still without power, and air, rail and ferry service struggling to resume, some runners and elected officials have called for Sunday’s marathon to be canceled or postponed. Police, fire and other essential public services, they said, should be focused on helping those most in need.

Nevertheless, Mayor Michael  Bloomberg, aware that the marathon generates hundreds of millions of dollars for the city, repeated today that the race would go on. He did not expect the Police Department to be overly burdened because the race is on a Sunday, when street traffic is limited. Many parts of the city, including Lower Manhattan, are expected to have their power back, freeing other workers.

“The city is a city where we have to go on,” Bloomberg said at a news conference Thursday afternoon.

Read more on this story from the NY Times.

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  1. Blooming Idiot. As soon as I heard of this decision I thought to myself this just another bad decision by another stupid politician.

  2. Honestly, I think our Mayor is losing it. Did u see why he endorsed Obama? For his environmental policies! That’s all HE cares about. HE has money to burn.

  3. Bloomberg is a Rasha Mirusha, the likes of which we haven’t seen in many years! His cold heartedness at this time when there is death & distruction, shows how vicious and evil he is! Bl$$mberg fits right in with those Rishaim! Too bad Matzav will censor my comment & not let the truth come out!

  4. He’s not embarassed by this decision?! He’s doing extracurricular activities before getting the city back in shape! His selfishness is really coming through!


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