Bad Idea? Yerushalayim to Recycle Mikvah Water

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mikvahThe city of Yerushalayim has planned a pilot program to reuse water from mikvaos. The water from each mikvah will be purified daily and returned by the next morning.

Yerushalayim municipal officials are working with the Health Ministry and the Religious Affairs council to assure that the project will be conducted in accordance with health standards as well as halacha. Municipal official Yitzchak Hanou, head of the municipality’s Religious Structures Branch, explained to Israel National News that halachically, mikvaos must have a minimum amount of rainwater, while the rest can be “drawn” water that “touches” the rainwater. “The recycled water that will be streamed back into the mikvah will be no different in that respect than the other ‘drawn’ water,” he said.


There are 35 buildings with mikvaos in Yerushalayim , and most of them have multiple mikvaos. Each mikvah contains many dozens of liters of water, and the water is replaced each day. Recycling the mikvah water could save thousands of liters of water each year, which would also save money from the municipal budget. The Finance Committee is expected to approve the project in the near future. The pilot will cost 200,000 shekels to put into effect, and the first mikvah to be fitted with the water recycling network will be in the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood in northern Yerushalayim.


Hanou said that if the new project succeeds, it will have a dramatic impact. “As the pilot is expanded to more mikvaot,” he said, “it will become less expensive, it will save a significant amount of water, and will make Yerushalayim a positive example for cities throughout the country,” he said.

Read more at Arutz Shevah.

{Arutz Shevah/Yair Israel}


  1. i love the idea and the people who make some $$ from the government in getting them bribed to get the go ahead

    well there is another guy with better ideas but doesent have the in and outs of the bureakecy of government so we lose much more water’

    be a hero and get that person;s message across a big mitzva!!!!!!

  2. Great idea!
    That could help their water dry spells in the summer.
    Hotzlocho on future technological advances which will help practically!

  3. i it is not as bad as you try to say it is more clean then fresh water in fresh water you have a lot of cemical. you do that in the pool with a filter and i bet you don’t say anything


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