Bad Idea: Zoo Attempts to Disguise Dog as a Lion

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dog-lion-chinaA Chinese zoo in the People’s Park to Luohe has come under fire for attempting to pass off a dog as an African lion – a plan that was going swimmingly until the dog started barking.

The “lion” turned out to be a zoo staffer’s Tibetan mastiff, a large, long-haired breed of dog, that was subbing in while the lion was taken to a breeding facility.

“The zoo is absolutely cheating us,” a customer with the last name Liu told a Chinese newspaper. Customers apparently paid 15 yuan ($2.45) per ticket and were also treated to the sight of another dog passing off as a wolf, a white fox in a leopard’s den and two coypu rodents in a snake’s cage. Read more at Fox News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Very much doubt if we kligger yidden could be fooled by this,as we have the klall “all tistakel b’kankan eloh b’ma she’yesh boy!”….


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