Bahrain Names Jewish Woman to Parliament


bahrain-kingKing Hamad of Bahrain on Thursday appointed a Jew and a Christian among four women to the 40-member upper chamber, following a parliamentary election last month, state media reported.

The king kept 30 members of the outgoing Shura, or consultative, council including the speaker, Ali Saleh al-Saleh, according to a royal decree published by BNA news agency.

Nancy Khadhori joined the chamber after a fellow Jew, Huda Nono, left the house to take the role of Bahrain’s ambassador to the United States.

“I am very happy to receive the royal trust. I hope I will be up to the responsibility,” said Khadhori, one of only 37 Bahraini Jews who originated from Iraq.

Meanwhile, Hala Qarrisah entered the house as fellow Christian Alice Samaan, who was deputy head of the council, exited the parliament.

Bahrain’s Christian community numbers around 1,000.

The Shiite opposition emerged as the largest single bloc in Bahrain’s lower chamber following the parliamentary election on October 23.

The Shura Council has the authority to over-rule parliamentary decisions in the Shiite-majority archipelago which is ruled by a Sunni dynasty.



  1. I think they’re still anti-Semitic. It’s just a show to please the US. But it’s still more than you can say for other Arab countries.

  2. let us hope that this move which has the diection from G-d is successful.
    We must remember that goyim do not have bechira chofshis; especially in their relationship with Yidden


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