Bail for Terrorist Rahimi Set at $5.2 Million

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Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man believed to be responsible for the explosion in Manhattan on Motzoei Shabbos and an earlier bombing in New Jersey, has been charged with seven counts, including five counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, with bail set at $5.2 million, the NY Times reports.

The 28-year-old was spotted at around 10:30 a.m. sleeping in the doorway of a bar in Linden, NJ, and was later arrested by police, but not before pulled out a handgun and shot an officer in the abdomen.

Rahami was shot multiple times and taken to University Hospital in Newark.

{CB Newscenter}


  1. A couple of thoughts:
    1) Too bad the Linden cops aren’t better shots – they could’ve saved the cost of a trial.
    2) Why is bail even set for this serious a crime? Instead of making it an unattainable amount why not simply say “No bail”?

    • In the screwed up world of Obama a terrorist is not a terrorist until found guilty so he should be released on bail to plan more terrorist acts.

    • He gets shot multiple times and lives. The man in Tulsa gets shot once and dies. Usually, police officers unload until the threat is stopped. I agree, Linden cops aren’t better shots. I will say this, under pressure, it’s not the same as the pistol range. The stress level is significantly different.

  2. maybe the Iranians have some extra us dollars and can extend him a interest free loan in accordance with shariah. the liberal left will even fund his defense for this constitutional right.

  3. Maybe the FBI and police want to know if he acted alone or has ties to terror groups. By letting him out he will contact some international terrorists for help escaping.

  4. The Rubashkin prosecution argued that by being a Jew subject to the law of return, Rubashkin, who is an American and not Israeli, is a flight risk and should be denied bail. Guess an Islamic terrorist bomb maker with the roots in Afghanistan and Pakistan is not at all a flight risk. Guess a Jewish businessman is more dangerous to the US “justice” system than an Islamic terrorist. Any wonder the US is beginning to feel the wave of the Islamic terrorism that already submerged Western Europe.


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