Baila Brocha Sorotzkin a”h

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The Lakewood, NJ, community was hit with tragedy today with the sudden passing of Baila Brocha Sorotzkin a”h. She was just a half year old.

Earlier this afternoon, Baila Brocha appeared to be choking and Hatzolah was called to the Sorotzkin home on Sequoia Street. The baby was taken to the nearby Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus, where she passed away.

Baila Brocha was a daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Chaim Dov and Sara Aliza Sorotzkin, beloved members of the Pine River community.

Her grandparents are Dr. and Mrs. Benzion Sorotzkin of Sea Gate, Brooklyn, and Rabbi and Mrs. Yisroel Gluck of Chicago, IL.

The sudden passing this afternoon of this young neshamah has plunged family, friends and the greater community into mourning.

The levayah will take place tonight, at 11 p.m., at Congregation Sons of Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Chapel, located at 613 Ramsey Street, off of East 7th Street, in Lakewood.

Umachah Hashem dimah me’al kol ponim.

The Lakewood community mourns in a spirit of לקו בכפלים, as just yesterday, a young mother, Mrs. Leah Eisdorfer a”h, 28, passed away in a tragic car accident in nearby Toms River, NJ.

May Hashem bring an end to Klal Yisroel‘s tzaros.

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  1. Hamakom yenacheim eschem bsoch shear avelim.
    CHoshuve parents
    CHoshuve grandparents, noted machzikei Torah and marbitzei Torah.
    We are with you in this tzaar.

  2. BDE

    Can anyone comfort me as i mourn the loss of another brother in Klal Yisroel?


    42 niftar R”L total since 2016 began R”L

    isn’t this shocking & tragic to bear?

    Every niftar is listed & shocking how they were niftar. so no one can deny the wake up call from Hashem for TESHUVA.

    theres noone to blame but ourselves

    May the neshama have an aliya

    may the family have a nechama

    may we all do teshuva ASAP

  3. just a note to shloim……even if they weren’t “chosheve” parents or grandparents & even if he wasn’t zoche to be a “noted machzikei & marbitzei Torah”, you should still be “with them” in this tzaar….just for the fact that they are “acheinu bnei yisroel”….yidden!

  4. IF MATZAV wants to post this also. below are the latest 11 niftar just in the past 3 weeks alone & their info.

    1)infant baby-of Rehovot Israel-died of Cardiac Arrest-February 17 2016-4 months

    2)Tuvia Yanai Weissman-Of Michmash Israel-stabbed & Murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in the Rami Levy Supermarket-February 18 2016-21

    3)child-of Hebron Hills community of Shima, Israel-Drowned in Pail-February 19 2016-1 year old

    4)Tzvi Yecheskel Ference-of Miami Beach Florida-Killed in Highway Accident-February 21 2016-26

    5)Shraga Tzvi Englander-of Israel-Parents found him not breathing in bed-February 21 2016-1 year old

    6)Girl-of Beitar Illit, Israel-went into Cardiac Arrest caused due to choking-February 22 2016-9 months

    7)Eliav Gelman -of Karmei Tzur. Israel-killed by accident by IDF Soldier aiming for arab-February 24 2016-23

    8)Infant-of Jerusalem Israel-did not awake next morning, caused by “crib death”-March 4 2016-few months old

    9)baby-of Giva’at Shaul Jerusalem, Israel-went into Cardiac Arrest & did not awake-March 6 2016-4 months old

    10)Amir Maymoni-of Zohar in Southern Israel-Killed during a Shin Bet Operation near Gaza-March 8 2016-29

    11)Leah Eisdorfer-wife of Dovid of Lakewood-Killed after losing control of her car while driving-March 9 2016-28

    LOOK AT THEIR AGES R”L every name written is all %100 true information

    May all their neshamos have an Aliya

  5. Comment 5- There was nothing in comment 1 that suggested otherwise. Shloim was merely saying some very nice things about the parents and grandparents of this little child who tragically passed away today.


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