Bais Havaad Releases Newest Volume of “Daf Yomi – In Halacha” MP3 Audio Series


bais-havaadIn anticipation of the start of Maseches Kesubos, the “Daf Yomi – In Halacha” Series continues with the release of the latest volume. The seriesoffers a 15 -20 minute Halacha Lemaaseh application of a contemporary Halacha topic discussed in each and every day’s Daf. One MP3 CD contains short halacha discourses, connecting the gemara to a practical shaylah facing participants in their daily lives. This volume features shiurim presented by the renowned Poskim and Maggidei shiur such as Harav Shalom Kaminetsky, Harav Gershon Bess, Harav Yosef Grossman, Harav Yosef Greenwald, Harav Yitzchak Grossman, as well as Harav Chaim Weg and Harav Dovid Grossman, Roshei Kollel of the Bais HaVaad Dayanus Kollel. This Daf Yomi  series is just one of the Bais HaVaad’s many programs that have benefitted thousands of individuals from all walks of life since its inception in 2007. From fielding shaylas at the call center, to engaging in mediation and dispute resolution, or arranging Torah Seminars at locations across the country, the name Bais HaVaad has become synonymous  with harbotzas haTorah and iyun halacha.

To date the series covers all of Seder Nezikin as well as all Masechtos from the start of Shas until current. Past presenters include many world renownedPoskim and Maggidei Shiur such as the geonim Harav Uren Reich, Harav Noach Isaac Ohlbaum, Harav Simcha Bunim Cohen, Harav Zev Leff, and Harav Doniel Nuestadt Shlit”a.

This free distribution has been made possible by Reb Shimshon and Reb Yehudah Bienstock and Families in honor of their parents Max and Gale Bienstock of Wynnewood, PA.

A free copy can be received through the Bais HaVaad office by calling 1.888.485.VAAD (8223) or via email at

The full series can be downloaded HERE or to request your free copy please click HERE.


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