Bais Yaakov of Ocean County to Open, Filling Ateres Tzipora Void

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A new girls elementary school, Bais Yaakov of Ocean County, is on the cusp of opening in Lakewood, NJ following the closure over the summer of Ateres Tziporah Girls Elementary School.

The school has been opened under the auspices of a group of askanim and baalei batim.

Bais Yaakov of Ocean County will have classes from Primary through 8th grade.

The school will be housed in a  building on Prospect Street.

Rabbi Hershy Rosenbaum of New York will lead Bais Yaakov of Ocean County. Rabbi Rosenbaum is the former executive director of Yeshivas Chasan Sofer of Boro Park and comes with many years of experience in the field of chinuch.

Mrs. Walter will be in touch with all parents of prospective students personally. Parents are encouraged to call her and she will be more than happy to answer any questions they may have.



  1. It is good to see someone step up who is not just running the school until their daughter graduates before dropping it like a hot potato


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