Baltimore Considers Mandating 9 Pm Curfew For All Under 14

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baltimoreBaltimore – Big changes could be on the way for the city’s youth curfew.

According to the Baltimore Sun, top city leaders are endorsing a plan that would require children younger than 14 to be off the street as early as 9 p.m.

Currently all children younger than 17 can stay out until 11 p.m. on weeknights and until midnight on weekends.

Councilman Brandon M. Scott introduced legislation Monday that would abolish the current curfew for children and teens and instead set a staggered deadline for youths to be indoors based on their age and whether school’s in session.

The police union also supports the change, but says parents, not police, should be tasked with enforcing it.

Read more at CBS BALTIMORE.

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  1. So now an out of town NIRC 9th grader aged 13 shopping at a grocery store after 9pm and stopped by a cop will be questioned. Can I see your drivers license to verify your’e over 14? Don’t have one, I’m under 16. Do you have any id on you verifying your age? No. How old are you? That’s a discriminatory question with no basis in law to ask and no requirement to answer.


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