Bank Shooting: Hero Who Shot Terrorist Turned Villain


beer-sheva-shootingEleven years ago, two terrorists opened fire in all directions at a military base in Southern Israel. They killed a number of soldiers. A., a security officer in the south, happened to be nearby. He ran to the scene, shot one of the terrorists and brought him down. His actions saw him awarded the Beer Sheva bravery medal, which he received from the previous mayor Yaakov Terner. A. is also the man who today perpetrated a massacre at a Beer Sheva branch of Bank Hapoalim that claimed the lives of four people before turning the gun on himself after his ATM card was blocked due to a debt of NIS 6,000 ($1,640).

A., a man in his 40s, started working as a security guard in Beer Sheva after he was discharged from military service. About year after the incident that awarded him the medal, complaints started to pour in against his interpersonal skills and his conduct at the workplace. A co-worker said he showed little consideration for his colleagues, was extremely inflexible in his positions and given to aggression.

The watermark event leading up to his termination came as he appeared at a local school on Purim donning a faux suicide belt. A teacher who spotted the unorthodox costume argued with A., and the conversation escalated to threats. He was sacked from his job following the incident and remained unemployed thereafter.

He filed an appeal against unlawful termination; however a judge ruled that his poor people skills warranted a sacking.

The house where he lived with his parents, spending most of his days idly sitting on the balcony, is near the site of the carnage. His neighbors register disbelief at his actions saying, however, that he was not without peculiarities.

One neighbor said “he was a strange person, a real weirdo. You never knew what to expect of him.” Another said “he was a nice guy. He had a lovely singing voice and he used to sing on the balcony every morning. I knew he wasn’t working but I didn’t know he was in financial trouble.”

Initial reports said he sought to settle a NIS 6,000 debt at the bank this morning. After bank clerks refused to meet his demands, he returned to the offices to carry out the carnage which ended only with his own death.

Four persons – three men and a woman – were killed in the incident, which at first was reported to be a heist. After he released a woman he held as a hostage, A. put an end to his life.

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  1. Imagine the reaction from the haters of Hashem and His Torah if this awful crime was committed by a Charedi!

  2. The incident 11 years ago did not happen “at a military base”. It happened at Umi’s pastry shop around the corner from the Southern Command Headquarters. There were always soldiers there buying snacks. And this guy you call “A” wasn’t the hero there. He did get a gesture from the mayor of Beer Sheva (Yaacov Turner) but it turned out afterwards that he was NOT the guy who shot either of the terrorists. By the way, Umi’s burekas are yummy.


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