Barack Obama In Talks To Produce Show


Barack Obama might appear on-camera as the moderator of a new series on Netflix. Or he might stay off-camera as a producer of a show about uplifting American stories.

Talks are underway between Obama and Netflix (NFLX), according to a source familiar with the discussions.

The source characterized it as a “production partnership” and said the deal has not been finalized yet.

If it happens, both the former president and his wife, Michelle, will be involved in a series of shows for Netflix. Read more at CNN.



  1. This is a man who is just phased by the mood of the nation.

    He has a law degree. It would be the best interest of our whole nation for him to go back into poverty law or another field and promote good American culture and good American dilemma. His cases can speak louder than he can chat and smile on television.

    Smart people do smart things. His wife can not even dress like an orthodox American and he is clearly a neat fellow, but yet not strong enough to build this nation further.

    ACA smart. Further yet more. What else? Go back into the system and create.

    No one wants to be bored by yesterday.

  2. Netflix has caven in to political correctness. Obama is a talentless shmuck but they are pressured to hire him because of his skin color, and they don’t want to be called RACIST.

  3. For a man who had to have all his speeches written for him and all his books written for him, now I guess he will have a ghost producer and a ghost moderator. I wonder if Netflix may just want him for his money and just humor him like he is doing something. For money they will puff up anyone.


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