Barak: We Mean What We Say on Iran

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ehud-barakFormer Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak said in an interview: “With [Iran’s] new president, Rouhani, everyone mentions that he was the one responsible for slowing the move toward nuclear military weapons in 2003, 2005. We have to remember why he did it….And that was the essential precondition, where he felt that when the Americans already hit Afghanistan, they already hit Iraq, and they probably.might be the next target. That’s the only thing that convinced them. When we say that we are determined to prevent Iran, we literally mean it. And we expect others who say it to mean it.

“If you decide to give some time for negotiations, do it. But put it within a time line. And the Iranians should know…that they are expected to put an end to the nuclear military program or else….There is no need to embarrass them, but they should know what will follow if they will not take decisions quite urgently to stop it.”

{ Israel News Bureau}



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