Barbara Bush Blamed Trump For ‘Heart Attack,’ Said She Was No Longer A Republican

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Barbara Bush blamed President Trump for what she called her “heart attack” in 2016, according to an excerpt from an upcoming book on the former first lady, “The Matriarch.”

“Barbara Bush blamed Donald Trump for her heart attack,” Susan Page, the Washington Bureau chief of USA Today wrote in an excerpt from the new book released on Wednesday.

“It wasn’t technically a heart attack, though she called it that,” Page, who spent hours interviewing Bush in the final six months of her life, continued. “It was a crisis in her long battle with congestive heart failure and chronic pulmonary disease that hit her like a sledgehammer one day in June 2016,” when Trump secured the Republican nomination for the presidential election after repeatedly ridiculing her son, Jeb Bush.

By 2018, when Page asked Bush in February if she still considered herself a Republican, the former first lady said had said: “I’d probably say no today.”

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  1. Every thing is Trumps fault – even what happened before he was President
    and before he was even born! Also whatever mistakes previous Presidents did
    before he took office , was also his fault.
    Ad Lo Yadah, President
    Sheker International

  2. Poor thing!!!!
    How about the people which lost fortunes while her husband was in office or got sick, let’s all blame the president..

    Too bad her son lost, but good for the country…

  3. Hey Barbra. If you’re listening from downstairs. As you told your lovely husband after he got trounced by Bill Clinton: “GET OVER IT”!!!

  4. When her husband was president and acting like a bloody anti Semite towards Israel that didn’t give her a heart attack only this. Glad she’s pushing daisies. I never understood her appeal to some people. To me she was a stiff that was full of herself. She accomplished zero

  5. The Bush crime family was responsible for Sep 11th. They were manipulating the price of oil in order to enrich themselves. Why did the Bush family allow 100’s of Saudis leave the country on Sep 12th? John Brennan is smiling now.

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