Barr: Trump’s Tweets Make It ‘Impossible For Me To Do My Job’



Attorney General William Barr told ABC News in an interview that aired Thursday that President Trump had never asked him to do anything in a criminal case but advised the president to stop tweeting about the Justice Department, saying it makes it “impossible for me to do my job.”

The remarks are a significant and rare public break by the attorney general from the president, following days of controversy surrounding the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) decision to lessen a sentence for Trump ally Roger Stone after the president tweeted about his displeasure with the gravity of the original sentence recommendation.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Very bright way for AG Barr to spread the message on mainstream media for the world to hear that the Department of Justice is corrupt.

    • You might have a point. By the Rubashkin case, where his 27 year sentence was so outrageous and unprecedented, the DOJ didn’t seem bothered at all. All the branches of government are as corrupt as corrupt can be. The CIA, FBI, NSA, IRS, NYPD, etc…


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