Barrett to Senators: Courts ‘Should Not Try’ to Make Policy

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Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett will tell senators in her high-stakes confirmation hearing this week that she will approach cases based on the law, not her personal views, as Democrats urged her to step aside on an upcoming challenge to the Obamacare law and any potential election-related disputes.

A four-day Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing for the conservative appellate court judge is set to begin on Monday, a key step before a final full Senate vote by the end of October on her nomination for a lifetime job on the court.

In a copy of her prepared remarks released on Sunday, Barrett said that as a judge she seeks to “reach the result required by the law, whatever my own preferences might be.”

Barrett, 48, said in the statement that it will be an “honor of a lifetime” to serve alongside the current eight justices and explained how she approaches cases.

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  1. The current Court has been making policy at least since the Heller decision. Maybe she will stop the extreme right wing activism we currently see. However, since she is a protege of Scalia, who was one of the activists behind much of that judicial legislating, that is unlikely.


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