Barzilai Dig Completed, All Kevorim Moved


barzilai-medical-center-ashkelonIsrael Antiquities Authority workers completed their archaeological work this morning at the Barzilai Medical Center complex in Ashkelon. Disinterment of the bones started Sunday, and provoked a wave of protests in Ashkelon, Yerushalayim, and Yaffo.

In the coming hours, measurements will be taken at the hospital site for research purposes. Already today, preparations are made for infrastructure to be laid for the fortified emergency room that will be built on the complex.

The Antiquities Authority announced yesterday that all the findings from the site indicated that pagans, not Jews, were buried in the graves. That has not been confirmed by true experts, like Asra Kadisha.

 Archaeologists are continuing to collect the bones in cartons today while recording their findings. The bones will be transferred to the Religious Affairs Ministry for burial in an alternative site.

Police forces are still deployed around the site.

{Yair Israel/Ynet contributed to this report}


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