BATTLING THE BURP: Masks For Cows Aim To Filter Burps To Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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A company has developed a burp-catching device for cows in hopes that the invention will help curb greenhouse gas emissions.

The U.K.-based startup ZELP — or Zero Emission Livestock Project — claims that its burp-catching masks will help slow the spread of greenhouse gas emissions, a key component in the force of climate change.

The mask is a muzzle-like contraption that monitors the percentage of methane being released by a cow. When the monitor detects an excessive amount of gas, it then converts the methane gas into water and CO2 and releases it from the device.

Cattle farmers Francisco and Patricio Norris designed the device to help slow down the processes of food digestion without the interference of feed additives that are commonly used, but are also a main driver in gas in their gut.

“We believe the greatest contribution to solving this problem will come from developing and scaling technology to neutralize livestock methane emissions, and that is precisely what we are doing,” according to the company.

The mask is packed with a solar cell and thermos electric generators that allows the wearable to re-charge automatically when in direct sunlight.

The mask’s lifespan is typically four years. It is also recyclable.

The company says it can reduce methane emissions in the form of burps by a total of 60 per cent.

Read more at CTV News.



  1. The world has gone mad. Animals are more important than humans. Who would of thought we would live to see this day?

  2. Is burping a covid-19 symptom for humans? So anyone who burps would be tested positive and considered as “had it already” and won’t need to be vaxxed.


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