BDE: Bruce Steinberg, His Wife And 3 Children From Westchester Are Among 12 Killed in Costa Rica Plane Crash


A charter plane carrying ten U.S. citizens crashed Sunday in Costa Rica, killing everyone onboard, that country’s government announced. Among those killed were Bruce Steinberg, his wife and 3 children from Westchester, NY.

“The government of Costa Rica deeply regrets the death of 10 American passengers and two Costa Rican pilots,” President Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera said in a statement on Facebook, according to a CNN translation.

Solis said the government plans to open an investigation on Monday too look into the cause of the crash that left 12 people dead.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. BDE

    What a tragedy. anyone know their names & ages? so sad. wish we didnt need such tragic daily wake up calls for teshuva.

    may all their neshamos have an aliya & their families with klal yisroel have a nechama


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