Mashgiach of Ponovezh, Rav Eliezer Ginsburg zt”l


It is with great sadness that reports the petirah of Rav Eliezer Ginsburg zt”l, mashgiach of Ponevezh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak. He was 68.

Rav Ginsburg’s condition had deteriorated this week and the name Refoel was added upon the advice of Rav Chaim Kanievsky. He passed away on Shabbos at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer.

Rav Ginsburg was born on 19 Nissan תש”ט to his parents, Rav Reuven Yehoshua and Rebbetzin Yocheved Ginsburg. Rebbetzin Yocheved was a daughter of Rav Chatzkel Levenstein zt”l, the legendary mashgiach of Mir and Ponovezh.

Rav Ginsburg learned in his youth at Ponovezh Yeshiva. When he became of marriageable age, he was selected by Rav Mordechai Shlomo Berman zt”l as a husband for his daughter, Dina. Rav Berman, a rosh yeshiva at Ponovezh, was a son-in-law of the Steipler Gaon, Rav Yaakov Yisroel Kanievsky zt”l.

Rav Ginsburg was renowned for his knowledge of Torah, his remarkable yiras Shomayim, his unbridled avodas Hashem, and his powerful shmuessen and shiurim.

On Erev Pesach of 1985, Rav Avrohom Kahaneman zt”l, nosi of Ponovezh Yeshiva, appointed Rav Ginsburg as mashgiach of the yeshiva. 

On Wednesday, Rav Ginsburg delivered a vaad on inyonei Elul at the yeshiva. He suffered a heart attack later that day and was taken to the hospital, where doctors stated that he had a blocked artery. Physicians worked to improve his condition, but he passed away, as mentioned, on Shabbos.

The question arose as to whether to have the levaya on Motzoei Shabbos or to wait until Sunday. Rav Gershon Edelstein, rosh yeshiva, posed that shailah to Rav Chaim Kanievsky, who said that the levaya should be held on Motzoei Shabbos.

Thousands attended the levaya at Ponevezh Yeshiva.

Rav Berel Povarsky could not control his weeping while he gave his hesped. “He was a talmid, my son, my son, my son. How did you leave us?” said Rav Povarsky.

The aron was carried through the streets of the Zichron Meir neighborhood of Bnei Brak to the Ponevezher bais hachaim, where Rav Ginsburg was buried at 2 a.m. next to his wife, his father, and his grandfather.

Rav Ginsburg’s rebbetzin passed away some years ago. Rav Ginsburg is survived by his children and grandchildren, following in his ways.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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  1. I was in Ponevez together with him as a bochur. He was so beloved by everyone. He ran a Gmach and any chessed someone needed, he was the go to guy. At the same time, he was great in learning and a tremendous masmid.

  2. Yes. Grandson. Rav chatzkel had 2 sons in law named Ginsburg.
    The American Ginsburg’s are from Rav Efraim Mordechai zl. This chashuva niftar is from his younger brothers children.

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