BDE: Rabbi Dovid Sher

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The religious community of Tiveria was struck a devastating blow this month after the passing of beloved father of 5 Rabbi Dovid Sher a”h.

Rabbi Sher was known in the community as a loving father and hardworking mover, married to neighborhood ganenet “Morah” Tali. For the past few years, however, the family lived a secret life of difficulty. Diagnosed with a rare form of kidney disease, Rabbi Sher suffered from excruciating pain, and eventually became completely bedridden. He was forced to leave his career, and Tali did as well, in order to oversee his treatments and other medical needs. Before long, they were in the negative.

Family and friends, however, had no idea. Tali recalls the painful scene when her brother opened their fridge to get himself a snack. At first he was bewildered by its emptiness. Upon seeing his sister’s emotional response, however, he understood the grim reality for the first time. “He had no idea,” says emergency fund text. None of the Sher’s family and friends did, in fact, until after Sher’s passing.

A crowdfunding campaign has been opened to keep the Sher widow and her five children, the youngest of whom is just 4 years old, fed and sheltered. In video footage, Tali tells her story. “I don’t want my children to be on the streets,” she says, choking back sobs. Two young, solemn children sit on either side of her. A four year old buries his face in her chest, daring not face the camera. It is for the children’s sake that the fund has been started, and if they should succeed in receiving some assistance, it will be for their father’s sake that they find the strength and resources to move on.

Donations are being accepted here for a limited time.


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