Be Patient: Jews Come Last

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A sixteen-year-old Jewish schoolgirl couldn’t believe it when a Stamford Hill storekeeper told her, after stopping to serve her to help someone else, “Be patient, Jews come last.”

The incident took place at a drop-off service for parcels. The girl had dropped off a parcel and, exasperated that the shopkeeper was attending to the next person in line, politely asked if she could get her receipt and leave.

Stamford Hill Shomrim reported the incident to the police and the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism Organization.



  1. stop whining!!! do u know what jews went thru for 2000 years ? what would your bubby say if you came kvetching about this ? b”h hashem brov rachmav has given yidden peace we are living in times when yiddin can live freely and serve hashem

    • Ruby, stop whining yourself. It’s one thing to recognize chasdei H, it’s another to use self righteous talk to camouflage your carelessness for another Yid. If it happened to you, you would whine and kvetch all right. Besides, if we let our enemies to get away with their abuse, they’ll only get more emboldened, and might go beyond words the next time.

  2. This is the story of Yaacov and Eisov who comes first and last. Mamash gevaldik torahdik. We need Antisemitism to keep us Jewis it’s a fact.

  3. If we would start teaching our children to be sincerely nice and have true and sincere compassion, to All Human Beings, even to Non-Yidden, then HKB”H will Never-Again instigate the Nations with hatred towards us.
    Rabbi Avigdor Miller used to say, Hashem Tzilcho, HKB”H is your shadow, He mimics and copies what we do. When we Yidden will have true compassion and Caring for Non-Yidden, HKB”H will instill into the Non-Yidden, only love towards us.
    A good way to start is, that when we Daven for the sick and needy, we should make sure to include, in our prayers, Eino Yehudim who are not well. That will awaken in us, the sincere love for all Peoples. And of course our children should never use derogatory words like Shegetz or Shiksa, because Hashem hears everything.

    • Being nice to goyim will not change their hatred. That’s what the German Jews before the Holocaust also thought. Only when Jews will change, act like real Jews instead of mimicking the goyim and follow the Torah the way Hashem outlined it for us, only then will the goyim learn to respect us.

      • You are not correct. Even the German Jews who assimilated and did not keep the Torah, still had a disdain to, and had a non-caring attitude towards any non-jew. They were the ones who made up the phrases “Ah Yiddishe Kop”, or “Ah Yiddishe Mama (only she loves her children)”, or “Ah Yidishe Hartz”.
        We must know, not to assimilate, but at the same time have Sincere respect and empathy to every decent Goy. Yes, we should give back a lost object and To’os Akum to a Goy even when it doesn’t involve Kiddush Hashem.

        • You are completely incorrect. The German Jews had complete respect and admiration for the German goyim. This is a fact that any student of history is well aware of.

    • You’re right, I even overheard fathers telling their children to leave the room when a certain Rov was singing that song “ein mol bin ich gegangen oif di gaas, hob ich gezain ah goy etc etc”.

    • Yossi, you live in the la la land. There is nothing you can do to change goyishe hate, besides committing a suicide, of course. I actually have a firsthand knowledge of the subject matter, as I grew up with goyim, and I know exactly how they think – their hate is inherent, no amount of kissing up will change that.

      • Yes, there is Goyishe hate which we can not change and neither can they, because Hashem is the one who instilled in them, as Middo Kneged Middoh, because we hate them.

        • Yossi, you are completely clueless: our negative feelings towards goyim are completely negligible in comparison to the goyshe hate and the goyishe crimes toward us. I have met other Stockholm Syndrome sufferers such as you, who would offer all kinds of feeble minded excuses as to why Germans, Ukrainians or Arabs would murder us.

  4. I learned a lesson from a family friend many years ago. She would say:

    “I don’t care if you like me or not but you will darn well respect me”!

  5. To the girl, in case someone who knows her is reading here. Call the parcel service 800 number, tell them that the storekeeper does not like you (whatever the reason) and is not promptly attending to serving you and wasted your time while you were trying to do business. The store will lose their franchise.

  6. Maybe Hashem is hinting to stay away from that area. Maybe in a few months or a year from now, something not good might happen in that area.

    • Maybe H is hinting to beat the enemy’s face in. Maybe if he’s not stopped now, he might commit other not good crimes toward us.


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