Become an Agudah Vital Partner and be Entered to Win $5000 CASH


The Agudah is looking for 10,000 Vital Partners to join our team in the next few days.
Become a vital partner and be entered to win a $5000 Visa Gift Card.

How do I become a vital partner?

1. Donate $36 ($72) to help Agudah continue their vital work
2. Click HERE and forward the email to 3 friends. Leave in the TO line so we can enter you in the drawing!

In 1920, The Agudah was vital for our grandparent’s revival.
In 2020, the Agudah is vital for our survival.
And for the future, I am vital for the Agudah’s survival.

Most of the Agudah’s work is the kind that we call ‘behind the scenes’.

Things like-
-Working with state departments of Education
-Befriending and educating politicians and government offices
-Submitting Amicus briefs in support of religious freedom

But sometimes, you hear a story from a friend or a neighbor, or you hear it from an email from Rabbi Naftali Miller, or from calling for yourself- maybe Project Learn for a special child or Chayim Aruchim for end of life advocacy.

And you understand: The AGUDAH is vital to YOU.

But did you know that YOU are vital to the AGUDAH?

Your involvement fuels our mission. 

Throughout the year, our efforts are quiet, effective measures to keep your priorities alive.

For 36 hours, we ask you to do the same for us, to keep our efforts going.

We need 10 thousand people to give $36 dollars in 36 hours



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