Bedford Center Treats Patients & Their Families To The Chanukah Party Of A Lifetime

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Williamsburg – This past Monday, as Chanukah was coming to an end, Bedford Center in Brooklyn was the scene of a jubilant Chanukah event that featured performances by popular Jewish entertainers.

The center for nursing and rehab, which has become known for its excellent service and for going the extra mile on behalf of its patients, invited residents and their families to take part in this beautiful event to celebrate the last day of Chanukah. In a ballroom exquisitely decorated for the occasion, participants were treated to a lavish meal, and entertainment that was noticeably enjoyed by those present.

The music was led by star singer Dovi Meisels and accompanied by the Shira choir. With songs of Chanukah and old tunes filling the air, the crowd sang and danced along with the talented performers on stage.

R Velvel Goldstein, playfully known as the Chatzatzkeh Rebbe, was brought in to entertain the patients with his unique comedic skills. It has been said that laughter is the best medicine, and on this Monday, there was no better doctor than the Chatzatzker Rebbe….

Bedford Center added a special touch by inviting the families of residents to participate in the event. Chanukah is a time spent with family and the Center wanted to afford patients an opportunity to spend quality time with kids and grandkids.

As the event was winding down, the smiles plastered on the faces of all participants was evidence to the success of this Chanukah celebration. While a stay at a rehab center is generally no picnic, Bedford Center once again showed that with a little heart and devotion, joy and cheer can still be part of a patient’s life.



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