Before He Passed Away, He Made a Promise


All parents strive to have nachas from their children – we must do our best, and set an example. For a group of young men & women however, there is tragically no one to give nachas to. Their parents passed away, and now they are getting married without them.

A representative of these young people approached Rav Nussbaum last month, in hopes of receiving his help to appeal to the public for help. Funds are being urgently raised to help them make simple weddings, and establish simple homes.

Rav Nussbaum wrote the following powerful letter to the Jewish People:

“The stories of 42 orphans, lo aleinu, who are getting married after they experienced difficult and bitter years of orphanhood, have come before us. It is a great mitzvah to help these young men and women build a true Jewish home. Bli neder, I will pray for all those who donate 420 NIS to the needs of the orphans at the grave of the holy Rav Gedalya Moshe of Zhvill ztz”l in the special order of Monday, Thursday, Monday for their salvation.

The Father of orphans will repay the actions of those who help, and will fulfill their desires for the good. May it be His will that all those who participate will merit to raise their sons and daughters to Torah, to marriage and to good deeds, with much nachas and health.

Signing for the honor of the mitzvah

Naftali Nussbaum”

No one among us expects to pass away young r”l . Unfortunately, however, young parents do lose their lives, and every day more children are left behind. Each individual knows that if their family were devastated by loss, and they were not able to marry off their sons and daughters, they would want them to be taken care of by the rest of klal yisroel in their place.

These young brides and grooms are depending on your help to build Jewish homes, and if you help them, you will receive Rav Nussbaum’s blessing for nachas in your own.




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