Beis Din Hagadol to Decide on Comatose Man’s Get


Unprecedentedly, almost the full plenum of Yerushalayim’s Beis Din Hagadol for Appeals headed by Chief Rabbi Rav Yitzchok Yosef is to convene and examine whether a get delivered by the Tzefas Beis Din on behalf of a comatose husband is valid. To keep the number of dayonim an odd number, the youngest member of the beis din was excluded from the proceedings.

Tzefas Chief Rabbi Lavi and his colleagues will be on hand to defend their decision of two years ago to deliver a get to an agunah on behalf of a husband who had been comatose for seven years.

Gedolim condemned the decision at the time, saying that the dayonim were wrong in applying the rule of zochin leadam shelo befonav to this case.

{ Israel}


  1. Aren’t there halachos regarding zivui habaal that you need his daas and if he can’t give a get he can’t make a shliach what is missing from this story


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