Beis Din Obligates Grandfather To Help Support His Son’s Wife

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The Israeli Supreme Court backed the a ruling of a Yerushalayim beis din which obligated a grandfather to give his daughter-in-law 2,000 shekels in child support monthly for her three children. This was after her husband was ordered to give her a get and child support, but fled to Uman in Ukraine and left her an agunah. The Supreme Court also restrained the grandfather from leaving the country.

“This court does not act as a court of appeals against the decisions of a rabbinical beis din,” the Supreme Court explained. “Involvement in the decisions of religious botei din occurs only in extreme cases where irregularity is proven through documents or when the rules of natural justice have been breached.”

As to the grandfather’s claim that forcing him to pay alimony amounted to punishing a father for his son’s sins, the Supreme Court responded that the beis din’s main intent was for the grandfather to provide support for his grandchildren. The “double effect” resulting from his being punished as well did not diminish his obligation to help his family.

David Steger – Israel


  1. Cost of Childbirth. The child who has responsibilities that are no longer met by the fame of his own social prestige and hope can be a detriment to the social responsibilities he incurred by his own fate and fame. This would not be sin.

    But the grandfather who pays to help her find child support is a blessed man if he can be involved at that level. True it seems he is paying for his son’s sins, but the sin was not the investment in marriage.

    So in all trust, this is an interesting ruling, but one does not think that if it does not destroy and decimate the grandfather that this is a bad ruling in some ways.

    Still, I would not think that the world would honor this experience in all of its ways.

    Transient Luddite Simplicity. The world of the working day can indeed be more than broken conception and imploding reason.

    So in my thoughts the hope is indeed the divorcee can have support. We do not by this article know the assets of the grandfather as perhaps that can be differentiated upon whether this is evil Luddite expression or just good Torah decree in a world where the worth of his valued house is great and his responsibility in a hard time can be mitigated by the Beit Din.

    Stolen funds are not family planning for his own grandchildren.

    Tall for him to pay the child support of course. Hope the family can work it out.

    Tipped dollar bills.

    Trust in Hashem.

    • Organized, innocent, hopeful and humorous. I wonder why it bothers the small mind. Carefully, I have not seen very many at all who discuss American Politics, Torah Values or Human hope with any humor at all unless its a very special day. Sorry that the bank is often closed before you get your dictionary ready to smile at the Jewish voices online. Silly to think that anytime I want to express my jewish feelings with aphorisms, metaphors, symbolism humorous and community humor is it beat down by someone who has no more than 10 words to cry about the scary jewish feeling of a ba’al teshuvah who laughs that he gets to enjoy much reading and Torah study that invites more humor and hope.

      Still, I guess I am one of many who want to enjoy my jewish life. Matzav has been friendly and posted many of my comments. I am having fun and I guess that there are likely many who can understand allegory and symbolic humor. Just a few Yeshiva Flunkies that do not like the new feeling of hope and happiness for religious faith.

      Sorry I can not accommodate your easier thoughts of a day that many include in a feeling that the issues with the liberty must be hated before their simple times can be more easy to go through their easy angry life.

      It would seem that faith and liberty do not ever make everyone happier if they are not always looking for friends. The sadness is that many in history with a good pen are attacked. Jefferson, Paine and many others knew that the written word was powerful. I get a nice guy like you daily to crack off my conversation but never do I get you do discuss the insight that was added through my faith in G-d. Maybe Hashem is more complicated than just your daily manner and if I find that the words are friendly to type, maybe they are also friendly to read.

      Thanks for the daily reply. Maybe you are the same guy daily or maybe we have a number of Yeshiva Flunkies who add little, complain about much and say nothing about freedom, Torah values and hope.

      So that’s how I see my online experience on many of these funny sites. It is still a pleasure to pursue liberty. I have much invested in my fear of G-d and my daily reading. Baruch Hashem.

  2. No problem expressing your feelings…Liberty and justice to all.
    No, my mind is not feeble nor narrow, nor am I, what u call a Yeshivs Flunkie…as A matter of fact, Im not even MALE…
    My problem is not with your freedom to express, only your sentence structure. ..composition is rather strange to us simple people who cant make out a word you are saying…or understand what you’re expressing.
    j suppose you show your writing to an editor or someone in the field of creative writing, I would love to hear an expert opinion.
    I don’t think I quite need one, however I think you may ,as you dont seem to understand there is something totally off with the way you express yourself…metaphors notwithstanding!
    Peace …shalom onto you.
    No bad feelings, my brother.
    Gut shabbos. .


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