Beitar Yerushalayim Soccer Club Says No More Games On Shabbos Kodesh

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beitar-soccerOne of Israel’s top soccer teams, and without a doubt its most controversial, has announced that it will not play any of its home games this season on Shabbos, bucking the trend in the country.

The club is trying to rebrand itself away from the disrepute that some of its fans have brought it into with repeated racist chanting and attacks on Arabs in Yerushalayim.

Beitar Jerusalem FC said Sunday that it had come to an agreement with Israeli broadcasters to ensure that its home games will only be played on Motzoei Shabbos or on weekdays.

Israel’s league games are often played before the end of Shabbos, especially in the summer when the sun sets later in the evening. While some religious groups have voiced concerns over that in the past, this is the first time an Israeli team has pushed to make a definitive move on the issue.

Beitar spokesman Oshri Dudai told The Associated Press that the club was aiming to make it easier for the more religious or traditional Jewish Beitar fans to attend the team’s games at Teddy Stadium in Yerushalayim.

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{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. the title of this article is misleading.
    the title SHOULD be “no more HOME games on shabbat.

    the reason for the team to make this decision has NOTHING to do with the teams regard for Shabbat!
    their reason is that since this team is “Yerushalayim”, they know that the fans wont fill up the stadium on a Shabbat Game….
    hence, they have NO problems with away games being played on shabbat

  2. That’s a terrific gesture from Beitar,much appreciated,kol hakavod,but if they’r going this far can they just go a little further still and not k.o. before Rabeinu Tam zman in order that chassidisher folks,such as your’s truly,who are shtark makpid not to attend soccer games before this time,can attend too?..Thank you.

  3. But it will play away games on Shabbos? Not as principled as you the article makes it out to be. Why are there soccer games in a Jewish country on Shabbos kodesh?


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