Belgian Shechita Ban Goes Into Effect


A ban on shechitah by the Flanders region of Belgium will go into effect tomorrow, after legislation prohibiting animal slaughter without pre-stunning was passed in the region’s parliament in July 2017.

The Wallonia region of southern Belgium passed legislation banning kosher slaughter in May 2017 that will go into effect in September 2019. In Europe, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and Slovenia all ban religious slaughter without prior stunning. Switzerland and Lichtenstein also require prior stunning except for poultry.

Jewish law requires that an animal be healthy and uninjured before slaughter, but pre-stunning injures the animal and therefore cannot be used.

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    Generations will hear. These Belgians deserve a trash drag of the worst future. Let them turn into the dark breif story of why Jews hate strike out war. A sedition of human law.


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