Belly Fat Linked to Higher Risk of Death Than Any Other Fat

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Gaining weight around your mid-section may be the makings of much more than a wardrobe crisis: it may also signal the start of a serious health crisis.

So warns a team of Canadian and Iranian researchers who conducted an extensive review of 72 studies involving more than 2.5 million patients from all over the globe.

“We found that excess fat in the abdomen — called central fatness or belly fat — is associated with a higher risk of death than overall body fat,” said study author Tauseef Ahmad Khan. He is a postdoctoral fellow in the department of nutritional sciences at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine.

That means that even if other areas of the body are in good shape, once fat starts to accumulate in the belly region, the risk of dying an early death goes up, Khan noted. So “people should be more concerned about their waist, rather than just focusing on [overall] weight or body mass index,” he said.

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  1. So its dear. Hashem gives you life. Make it to eliminate the voided chance your menu despairs.

    Be right about snack foods, ground meats, hot dog pressed meat, colas and fasting.

    The art of a good fast is a never sluggish body. It goes better if you spend the year thinking your meals. The drop out health is the shump body. You do not want it. Nix the bad above. A very keen G-d has given you a produce section and aisles you may never want to wander.

  2. Thou rants as doth a cave man.
    The sandwiches in the picture look delicious – and there is nothing wrong with having one every now and again.

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