Ben Carson Widens Big Iowa Lead

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ben carsonThree days after a Des Moines Register poll found Ben Carson plowing ahead of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump in the Iowa caucus race, a new Monmouth University poll shows the neurosurgeon’s lead widening further.

According to the survey results, 32 percent of Republicans polled picked Carson, followed by Trump with 18 percent, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio with 10 percent, and Jeb Bush at 8 percent.

An August poll by Monmouth poll showed Carson and Trump tied at 23 percent. Read more at Bloomberg Politics.

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  1. Who are these people who answered the poll and said they will be voting for the Dr.? Why would they vote for him? He might of been the greatest Doctor ever. But so what? How does that translate into him being the leader of the free world? He might be a nice guy, but what qualifies him to be President of the United States? I guess you can same the same about Hillary Clinton.

  2. Hillary Clinton served 8 years in the US Senate and 4 years as Secretary of State. She has a record to run on. And you won’t hear her make stupid statements like Obamacare being like slavery or gun control causing the Holocaust. And she seems to want the job — unlike Carson, who suspended his campaign to concentrated on his book tour.

  3. To say that “serving” as a Senator or Secretary of State makes someone qualified is quite misleading. What were Hillary’s accomplishments during that time? It seems as if most of the events surrounding her “service” were either scandalous (Benghazi. private emails, Clinton Foundation, Whitewater, Cattle futures and the list goes on . . ) or they were regrets (Iraq war vote, trans pacific partnership). If a Corporate officer, football coach of just about any other position holder had such a record of “service” they’d probably be fired. They certainly wouldn’t be promoted based on the fact that they had “served”.

  4. Charlie:

    Your guy Hillary, has accomplished NOTHING as Senator or SOS. She was only a puppet to Chuck Schumer. At least Chuck spoke out about the high price of Cheerios. What has Hillary brought to to forefront?


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