Ben Gurion Airport to Close Friday Evenings for Next 10 Months


ben-gurionIsrael will be cut off from major international air travel once a week for ten months starting this Friday, due to a new no-fly protocol on Friday evenings at Ben Gurion Airport.

The new protocol, intended to allow for repairs to runways, will come into effect on Friday January 7.

Under the new rules, no planes will be allowed to take off or land on any of the airport’s runways between the hours of 6 P.M. and 11 P.M., until the end of October 2011. Generally, Ben Gurion Airport only shuts down service on one day of the year, Yom Kippur.

All of the airport’s runways are currently undergoing repairs, which leaves only one main runway for all aircraft landings and take-offs. The protocol prohibiting any use of the main runway on Friday evenings will allow maintenance workers to perform weekly repairs to the strip, so that it continue to perform at optimum levels, until the other runways return to use.

Israeli charter flight companies, such as Sun Dor, leveled criticism at the airport officials for the decision, which they say will harm them disproportionately, since they generally operate many of their flights on Friday evenings.

The charter flight companies say that cannot understand why the necessary weekly repairs are not conducted between the hours of 1:40 A.M. and 5:30 P.M., during which hours no flights are allowed in any case, due to noise restrictions.

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  1. Wow great to hear maybe soon ben gurion will close the entire shabbos just one shabbos we will all be free speedily in our times

  2. Before I read the whole article, I was actually ecstatic to hear they were shutting down, hoping something changed and they were on the road to tshuva…alas…I was mistaken. They are doing repairs….huh? Repairs? The only repairs they need to do is to their neshamas that are mechalel shabbos week after week….
    Maybe one day the headline will not be so deceiving….and it will be for REAL. Real Good Intentions!!!!!biz derveil…nebech

  3. This is a good beginning. Eventually the repairs will end and there will be great pressure to continue to have the airport closed on Shabbos.

    On a point of orientation. I read once that many years ago there was a major storm in the English channel and the headlines of a London newspaper was: “Storm over channel, Continent cut off.”

    The Am Haaretz newspaper, as usual, shows that its point of focus and orientation is the Goyish world. We are not: “… cut off from major international air travel once a week..” but the Goyim are cut off from us.

    Aryeh Zelasko
    Beit Shemesh


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