Benghazi Mom on Khan: Hillary Treated Me Like Dirt, Trump Shouldn’t Apologize

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This afternoon, Patricia Smith — the mother of Sean Smith, an American killed in 2012 at the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya — appeared on CNN to discuss Donald Trump’s attacks on the family of the late Capt. Humayun Khan, the Daily Beast reports.

“I think that anybody that loses a child should be allowed the grief that goes along with it,” Smith said, at first defending the Khans. “When you lose your child, that’s all you can think about, and you shouldn’t have anybody telling you you can’t think that way.”

However, when asked by CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin about the appropriateness, or lack thereof, of Trump’s recent comments, Smith defended Trump.

“I’m not gonna tell anybody what they should say,” she said. “If that’s the way [Trump] felt, that’s his business to say that.”

Though Smith reiterated that she does not believe that “anybody should say anything about [grieving families],” she refused to call on Trump (“The Donald,” as she called him) to apologize.

“No, I don’t,” she said, when asked if he should issue an apology. “That’s what he believes.”

Smith, who personally blames Hillary Clinton for the death of her child, again made clear her antipathy to the Democratic nominee during her appearance on CNN, stating that Clinton “kills people.”

Source: The Daily Beast



  1. every media outlet that had Khan on should now give EQUAL TIME to each of the FOUR MOTHERS OF THE MURDERED FOUR AMERICANS IN BENGHAZI

  2. the irony of this interview is that the cnn moderator, brooke baldwin brought mrs smith on her program with one agenda and one agenda only (as cnn consistently does) and that was to bash donald trump. she sure got the surprise of her life when the interview turned into a “bash clinton” interview! good for cnn! they deserve it. the media (and cnn is on top of the list) is so biased….boy, do i miss the days of walter cronkite…remember him? probably some of you older folks do.

  3. She is correct. Today reports came out about this Moslem Kahn guy that he is an active member of the Moslem brotherhood. His son died back in 2004 fighting other Arabs he disliked and not because he was loyal to the United States. Let’s not forget that. Bengahzi deaths is Hillarys fault.

  4. chaim’s so right! in addition, the interviewer is soooo insincere with her “objective” interview. The whole time she’s trying to get her to say that Trump’s comments were uncalled for, but Benghazi mom was not going for it. It’s about time the US realized how terrible the liberal media skews the news! I’m no big fan of Trump but Hillary gets away with murder!


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