Bennett And Shaked Leave Habayit Yehudi To Open New Right Wing Party


Habayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked gave a dramatic press conference at Beit Sokolov in Tel Aviv where they anounced the formation of a new political party.

The two ministers said the creation of their new right wing party, which represents the “true right wing”, would carry with it nationalistic and Zionist values.

Bennett criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for failing on security matters, while referring to his own experience as an elite soldier in the Israeli army. He also said the new party will unite the right wing Zionist factions in the country.

“It will be a right-wing party, for the land of Israel, without compromise, against a Palestinian state, against the release of thousands of terrorists in transactions for tradition, for the people of Israel and for the State of Israel. This party, the disengagement would not have happened. ”

“We are not leaving religious Zionism – we are expanding the house, we are dramatically increasing the right-wing bloc, we can bring back seats that are fleeing from the Likud to the left, to parties masquerading as right-wing parties. A right that does not zigzag, which does not place its personal good above the good of the state. ”

Bennett and Shaked both joined Habayit Yehudi in 2012 and tripled the factions electoral showing in the 2013 elections.

Currently, Habayit Yehudi is polling at 8-10 seats. Last month, Bennett said that “I see myself becoming Prime Minister” after Netanyahu leaves office.




  1. So Bennett, officially a religious Jew, is forming a party with a secular Jew. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef zt”l was right when he called it a Bayit Shel Goyim.

  2. This marks a new chapter in Mizrachi/Dati Le’umi history. These people were once just like the Chareidi mainstream, they differed only in their prioritization of Yishuv Eretz Yisrael over all other Mitzvos. Since then they faced multiple spirital downfalls leading to the aforementioned collapse of the Zionist Religious party in favor of a right-wing party regardless of the religious aspect.

    It just comes to show you when you compromise on matters of Yiddishkeit, this is where it leads you.

    Unfortunately, wer’e seeing a repeat of history, vehameivin yavin…

    • You said it very precisely. It’s really a shame. I have numerous relatives that are Dati Leumi Bnei Torah who are learning shtark in Kollel in the Shtachim and the spiritual danger you reveal is %100 true. We see this happening on numerous fronts. Whether it’s the mishacist movement in Crown Heights or the establishing of the OO movement. It all started with very subtle shinuyim in our Kadoshdika mesorah and it quickly spiraled downward out of control. We’ve got to keep davening.

  3. Rut a mirror. Bennett disagrees.

    Help the jews best. Look proper and hold Torah. Bennett still wants to just hold a big gun and ammo. Strong this year. I predict off in future.

    Hashem is joyful. Bennett not. I see no humor his voiced victory in bias. Not Israel.


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