Bennett: Compromise With WoW Women Vital for Strengthening of the Jewish People

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bennett1Some people are fired up about the compromise agreed to by the so-called Women of the Wall, reported on earlier here by Israel.

One person who is thrilled is Religious Services Minister Naftali Bennett, who was the one who initiated the establishment of the special prayer area at the Kosel for members of the rabble-rousing, provocating Women of the Wall.

Bennett, filled with glee, said in response to the organization’s agreement for the new prayer area, “I congratulate the Women of the Wall for the emerging compromise. The government’s efforts to allow every Jew to pray at the Kotel are essential for the strengthening of the Jewish people and Yerushalayim.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Wasn’t the wow reshayim using Robinson’s Arch for years already before they decided to move themselves over to the ezras noshim?

  2. First they push you to the wall,but you stand firm
    Then he and they of course try a cute run around ,but you must stand again firm

  3. Whatever he thinks doesn’t matter (& probably knows the truth). These women have only one thing in mind – their AGENDA! This has nothing to do with tefilah, just a foothold within the Kotel to ‘reform’ Judaism in E.Y. Only, sometimes these things will, hopefully, backfire and maybe bring back one or two of them, who do have Jewish souls, back to Yiddishkeit.


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