Bennett Compares Situation in Syria to the Holocaust

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syria1Minister Naftali Bennett, chairman of the Habayit Hayehudah party, today on Facebook compared the chemical weapons attack in Syria to the Holocaust.

“Jews of the world: Speak up. Do NOT remain silent! Seventy years ago when, children and babies were murdered, the world stayed silent,” wrote Bennett.

Bennett’s comments were accompanied by a picture of a crying man carrying what appeared to be a dead girl.

“Today, too,” wrote Bennett, “the world is silent to the terrible massacre in Syria. Television and Internet aren’t waking up the world. Piles of dead children cannot be ignored. A child is a child is a child. Anywhere.

“We will NOT be silent. The Jewish People, and I, as a minister in the government of the Jewish state, have a special duty to speak up, to yell, so the world will hear and stop ignoring what’s going on in Syria. That’s our moral duty. Please ACT and SHARE this NOW.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. What Bennet is alluding to is CORRECT, the entire world is sitting pretty while scores of people are getting gassed & shot!!! If there is no uproar,,,then when it happens to the JEWS the silence is be even deeper.

  2. Mr. Bennett should talk to someone who actually survived the Holocaust before he starts making comparisons. There is NO comparison. The memory of the Kedoshim is constantly being cheapened by those who want to get easy political points. Yes, the situation is serious, and could possibly result in genocide, but the Holocaust is still unique. The murders in Syria must be stopped, but playing word games is not the way to do it.

    Let’s hear respect, for a change, and not just this sort of exploitative nonsense.

  3. If assad looses then his ethnic minority will be exterminated. people dont understand that Assad is fighting for his peoples survival, the alawaites will all be killed by the sunnis and shiites.


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