Bennett: Train Chareidim to Help in Time of Emergencies

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idf-draftMK Naftali Bennett presented his outline for increased chareidi-religious national service on  Monday during a meeting of a Knesset committee assigned the task of developing a law to replace the Tal Law, which was struck down as discriminating in favor of the chareidim.

Arutz Sheva reports that in addition to a 50-percent increase in the length of existing programs, Bennett offered what he called a more significant program in the police and fire fields with salaries at 75 percent of those in combat support. Arutz Sheva said that he also instructed the head of national civilian-service Sar-Shalom Jerbi to start a program in November to train chareidim to assist in times of emergencies. They would serve through the civilian service and through military reserves, he said.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. just cancel the draft and almost all chareidim will enter the workforce just like in america and all the “problems” are solved. but since the only “problem” is the existence of chareidim, they will continue to hunt them down just like the Gra wrote that in times of ????? ?????? the leaders of the jews will be a ????? of ???? and ???? only knows one method: DESTRUCTION !!

  2. Hey Bennet fella, Zaka and Hatzala were started and run by the Chareidim. Peehaps they ought get government funding to train new home recruits atop funding for their free services!

  3. Who runs Hatzalah and who runs Zaka if not charedim? Who does the most chessed if not charedim? Are there any chiloni organizations doing chessed? Any chilonim group that can compete with, let’s say, Satmar? Do chilonim even have schools teaching about chessed and sending their students out for voluntary work? Charedim should teach chilonim and their education minister how to do chessed and how to help in time of emergencies.

  4. Their are many Charedim who volunteer for Zaka and Ichud Hatzoloh, yet the medinah doesn’t recognize this as national service.


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