Bennett Urges Reform and Conservative Jews to Visit “Non-Orthodox” Area Near Kosel During Yomim Noraim

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naftali-bennettMK Naftali Bennett, head of the Habayit Hayehudi party, is calling on Reform and Conservative Jews to visit the Kosel during the Yomim Noraim to pray at the newly upgraded site for “non-Orthodox” services.

Yesterday, Bennett, who is the Minister for Jerusalem and the Diaspora, announced that the Robinson’s Arch area near the Koselhas a new, larger prayer platform that has been constructed.

“In recent years,” Bennet wrote on his Facebook page last night, “a lot of tension has been created around the Western Wall. A large [portion] of the public, and I am specifically not referring to the Women of the Wall but to the Jewish people as a whole, feel that it is difficult to come to the Western Wall. That they don’t connect. There are many [Jewish] denominations in the world, and the majority of the Jewish people in the Diaspora are not Orthodox.

“As the Minister for Diaspora Affairs, I believe that the Western Wall belongs to all the Jews in the world, not to one denomination or the other.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. I would have suggested to these chevra to help make a minyan in the nearby St John church,where they might be a little more appreciated…men and women can sit unproblematically together,the service ends a lot sooner,what could be any better for them?

  2. Indeed the Kotel belongs to all Jews and that is why is should remain solely in accordance with Jewish Law Otherwise why not have extra chief rabbis for all streams each as good as the next
    As long as religion has legal significance there needs to be a definition not a free for all.

  3. Why someone would suggest something so divisive in the name of Achdus escapes me.This man should have asked his Rabbi(the Orthodox one of course)before he opened his mouth


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