Benny Friedman – “Inspiring The World With Music” ( The Great Day Podcast)

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I’m excited to announce that the very first guest on my brand new podcast “The Great Day Podcast: is none another than my very talented friend Benny Friedman!

Benny Friedman was born in Minneapolis, MN. Benny’s musical career began at age thirteen when he began performing at small local events and audiences were mesmerized by his voice. Passionate about both singing and the ability to inspire people through music, Benny has recorded 4 studio albums and countless singles.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Benny Friedman on a number of projects and most recently when we made the highest viewed Jewish Music Video to date – “Ivri Anochi.”

Benny is truly inspiring and I always walk away from our conversations with a few good laughs and a bit wiser.

I am excited to bring him to you for my first episode of The Great Day Podcast

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I’m Meir Kay and Have A Great Day!


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