Benny Gantz Opposes Bibi’s Plan To Dissolve Government

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Opposition parties Blue and White, Labor, and Meretz announced on Monday that they would not back a preliminary motion to dissolve the Knesset, which is being sought by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud.

The bill to dissolve parliament was submitted by the Likud party on Monday for the first of three votes to trigger new elections.

The move was widely seen as a pressure tactic to persuade prospective coalition partners to soften their demands, as well as a bid to prevent President Reuven Rivlin from tasking another lawmaker to form a government should Netanyahu fail to do so by a Wednesday deadline.

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  1. Netanyahu is an amoral opportunist. The ONLY thing that matters to Bibi is Bibi!!! He will do viturally ANYTHING to retain power. THIS is what we have come to and THIS is what we deserve for bowing down to a “Jewish” state that is NOT Jewish.


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