Benshitrit Family Will Get Up From Shiva Just In Time For Purim

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Rabbi Yehuda Benshitrit continues to sit shiva with his four small children for his wife & their unborn child, who passed away from coronavirus complications. Though the general atmosphere in Israel right now is a happy one, with children already filling the streets in their costumes, the joy of the rest of the world only serves to compound the deep pain that the young children and their father are feeling.

This year, Purim will be very different in the Benshitrit household. Last year, they happily dressed up, ate with family, and walked hand in hand with their mother down the streets greeting neighbors. Now, after the tragic passing of Osnat at just 32 years old, they will likely go without costumes or music, with fanfare or meal. As their friends celebrate and play outside, the devastated young boys will think only of the beginning of this week, when photographers captured heartbreaking photos of them wrapping their arms around the body of their beloved mother, and refusing to let go.

Those close to the family ask that anyone who is moved by their story help the Benshitrit family by donating to their emergency fund. Rabbi Benshitrit’s income is not enough on its own to support his family, and they have a long and difficult journey ahead of them.



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