Bereaved Mother: ‘I Will Bring Many More Babies Into The World’

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Chaim Silberstein, the father of Shira Ish-Ran, said Thursday that his daughter had left the intensive care unit and was transferred a regular ward in the hospital.

Speaking with reporters, Silberstein addressed the terror attack this morning. “I share the sorrow of the families who received the very bitter news that their sons were murdered by the evildoers, and I wish full recovery to the wounded, at least one of whom I know is behind me here in the emergency room,” Silberstein said.

“We are very happy to announce that our daughter Shira has been released from intensive care and has moved to the ward. This is a very great sigh of relief for us, she is getting better, there is still a long way of rehabilitation, but we thank God for every positive step and hope for the best.”


Silberstein related his daughter’s remarks yesterday upon seeing her dying son. “Shira is a very strong girl, and while crying she said that she would show them, she would bring many more babies into the world, with God’s help, and the people of Israel shall live. These were almost her first words when she saw her baby that was dying at the moment. That’s how we raised her, that’s how we feel, and with God’s help we hope she will be very successful in these missions.”

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  1. Mr. Silverstein’s words are incredibly inspiring. So strong. May Hashem give them all strength and may we be zocheh to greet Moshiach very very soon.


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