Berlin: Man Who Entered Shul With Knife Released


Police have released a knife-wielding Syrian refugee who had to be subdued by pepper spray by security guards outside a Berlin synagogue after he crossed its security barrier.

Investigators said they had to release the man, a 23-year-old from Damascus, because they did not have enough evidence to charge him with a crime at this point. The investigation is ongoing, according to the state Prosecutor’s Office.

The response was woefully inadequate and even dangerous, Josef Schuster, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, said in a statement Monday. He said the violent nature of Friday’s incident prior to Shabbos services at the historic Neue Synagogue should have merited a tougher response.

A “dangerous man” is now at large, he said.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.




  1. I believe the building with columns in the photo is an opera theater of formerly East Berlin, popular among the Soviet officials. The Neue Synagoge is located under the dome in the background.

    Chatima Tova

  2. Very few Jews, and even less observant Jews, would enter this synagogue. Did a criminal, or more likely unhinged Syrian gentleman attack left-wing tourists visiting the landmark of Judaism in the Democratic German Republic? I am sorry and I wish the man gets medical help and the security get police support. However I have plenty more pressing problems to attend.

  3. This “synagogue” was called the “Neue temple” before the holocaust by the orthodox community as it was reform where they played the organ on shabbos,and at this location Moses Mendelson proclaimed “be a Jew in the synagogue and a mentch in the street”.


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