Bernie Claims Debate Raised $1.3M

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bernie sandersSen. Bernie Sanders said that his debate performance Tuesday night raised him $1.3 million.

The campaign sent out an email with his top moment—saying that people are sick of hearing about Hillary’s email scandal—before the debate had even ended.

He had raised about $26 million the previous quarter. Read more at The Washington Post.



  1. This is all a ruse. Every true Democrat will be voting for Hillary. It is her turn and after all she’s been thru, she deserves it. Bernie is just a side show. He will not win a single state.

  2. I’m not sure what the whole excitement over him is. He comes across very unprofessional. Talks like he is giving a chaburah with his hands flying in all directions. He seems unhinged at times, so not sure what the whole fuss is about not that it really matters to me.


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